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We Offer Installation At Our Workshop Or Nationwide Mobile Installation 
  • 1 x Scorpion X-Series Immobiliser
  • 1 x ScorpionTrack S5
We cover every UK mainland postcode
A combination of the most comprehensive vehicle security available on the market.
Both the Scorpion X-Series Immobiliser and the ScorpionTrack S5 are highly effective security on their own.
Why not take advantage of having them both fitted at the same time at a reduced price!
Fully transferable to a new vehicle.
Package includes: 
Scorpion X-Series Immobiliser
The Scorpion X-Series car immobiliser is compatible with all major vehicle models. With the X-Series installled your vehicle will only start once your unique Pin code sequence is entered (conveniently using the existing buttons in your cockpit) This means that there is no way that a thief will be able to start your vehicle… even if they have your keys!
Within a couple of drives you’ll be totally familiar with your X-Series and it will just be another part of starting your car…. but with the added security … and full peace of mind!!
  • Disarm sequence via buttons on steering wheel/dash
  • No transmitted radio frequency signals
  • Immobilisation by communicating with the ECU
  • Uses the on-board CAN data network
  • User changeable disarm sequence
  • Service / Valet mode for when you need others to use your vehicle
  • Secure and unique emergency code for if you ever forget your disarm sequence
  • 2 Year Warranty as standard 
An S5 insurance-approved tracker will increase your chance of vehicle recovery by over 96%
A CAT 2 Immobiliser will stop a thief from being able to start your vehicle ignition.
This means that, whether they gain entry to your vehicle (with or without your key) the only way they can steal it is by lifting it onto a flatbed lorry or towing it - both of which will trigger an alert in the control room, who will guide the police straight to your vehicle's location.
Package includes:
Nationwide mobile installation of both:
ScorpionTrack S5 Tracking System
  • Recognised by all leading insurance companies.
  • 24/7/365 European-wide monitoring service.
  • Automatic Driver Recognition system (instant alert when someone moves your car).
  • 1 Driver fob and unlimited phone app 'fob' access.
  • Tow-away and motion alerts.
  • Private tracking app.
  • Geofence alerts. Set your own alerts through your app. 
  • Certificate of authentication. Emailed after installation.
  • 4G Enabled for superior tracking abilities
  • Full European tracking coverage as standard
  • Insurance approved Vehicle Tracker. Suitable for all 12/24 volt vehicle makes and models (including HGV and plant machinery).
The ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5 Tracker actively protects your vehicle against theft using advanced technology along with movement detection sensors hidden within the vehicle.
An advanced tracking solution providing 24/7/365 theft monitoring to ensure security and peace of mind.
You also benefit from the advanced comprehensive range of driver convenience features for life on the road.
ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5 Tracking actively protects your vehicle against unauthorised movement.
APP Features
As well as the comprehensive security, you will also benefit from the advanced owner's app
  • Live vehicle location 
  • Full journey history
  • Multiple theft and monitoring alerts
  • Can also act as your ADR fob
  • Driver behaviour analysis
  • Private and business mileage 
  • Geo Fences
  • 'Garage mode' feature for during services, MOTs etc.
  • 'Find My Vehicle' directions 

ScorpionTrack S5 Subscription Options:

Lifetime Subscription


5 Year Subscription


4 Year Subscription



3 Year Subscription


2 Year Subscription


1 Year Subscription £155
Monthly Plan £13.49

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