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The X-Series car immobiliser is compatible with all major vehicle models.

Your vehicle will only start once your unique Pin code sequence is entered (conveniently using the existing buttons in your cockpit) This means that there is no way that a thief will be able to start your vehicle… even if they have your keys!
Engine start blocking
Protects Against Key Theft /Keyless Entry /Key Cloning  
Thieves using key cloning technology are not able to clone keys or replace the ECU of the vehicle in order to override the X-Series Immobiliser security. Regardless of the theft technique, it is impossible to start your vehicle without your unique PIN first being entered.
Modern thieves can use diagnostic equipment to detect circuit cuts and aftermarket security. The X-Series immobiliser has no cut, so cannot be detected using these techniques. Your immobiliser does not emit any kind of frequency either... making the X-Series invisible and silent to thieves!
Fully reversible
Your X-Series Immobiliser can be removed and reinstalled in a new vehicle without any indication that it was ever there.
The Scorpion X-Series Car Immobiliser is connected directly to your vehicle’s CAN (Controller Area Network).
From there a customised PIN is generated specifically for you. This PIN is a unique private sequence, using buttons on your dash and steering wheel.
This means only those who know the combination are able to start your vehicle.
Within a couple of drives, you’ll be totally familiar with your vehicle immobiliser and it will just be another part of starting your car…. but with the added security … and full peace of mind!!
  • Nationwide mobile installation included
  • Disarm sequence via buttons on steering wheel/dash
  • No transmitted radio frequency signals
  • Immobilisation by communicating with the ECU
  • Uses the on-board CAN data network
  • User changeable disarm sequence
  • Service / Valet mode for when you need others to use your vehicle
  • Secure and unique emergency code for if you ever forget your disarm sequence
  • 3 year warranty


Protects Against Key Theft /Keyless Entry /Key Cloning 
Thieves using key cloning technology are not able to clone keys or replace the ECU of the vehicle in order to override your car immobiliser security. Regardless of the theft technique, it is impossible to start your vehicle without your unique PIN first being entered.
Unique PIN 
Your own unique PIN is created using the vehicle’s buttons and steering wheel control panel. There is no way for a thief to know the combination in advance or even detect that a car immobiliser is present on the vehicle.
You can change the PIN any time you would like to.
Quick, Simple and User Friendly
The ScorpionTrack X-Series Immobiliser is perhaps the most comprehensive vehicle security available. 
On top of this, it is extremely user-friendly. Your pin will be unique to you, making it simple to remember – but mathematically impossible for a thief to guess.
In addition, if you do forget your PIN your engineer will have provided an Emergency PIN Code override. Simply scratch this off the card and follow the instructions to reset your PIN.
Stealth Silent Operation  
With a Scorpion X-Series vehicle Immobiliser installed there is no way a thief will be able to detect the ‘tell-tale’ clicking of a traditional immobiliser.
This is because your car Immobiliser communicates directly with the ECU on the data bus to immobilise your vehicle.
The X-Series Immobiliser is weatherproof and so small that it can be combined into the mechanism of the vehicle making it practically impossible to detect.
Engine Start Blocking 
Your ScorpionTrack immobiliser prevents the starting of your vehicle unless the user has entered the user-generated PIN.
This is even if they have the keys with them, protecting your vehicle against key theft, keyless entry, and key cloning.
No Detectable RF Signals or Diagnostics
Thieves can use Radio Frequency Scanners to detect the fitted security on the vehicle.
Your X-Series vehicle Immobiliser does not transmit detectable radio frequency signals, making it undetectable under these circumstances.
Organised car thief gangs can detect circuit cuts on vehicles using diagnostics reading devices.
The X-Series Immobiliser does not involve any circuit cuts, so is once again undetectable to thieves using this method
Service Mode
You may need someone else to drive your vehicle temporarily (e.g. valet parking) or when your vehicle is being serviced.
In such an instance you can set ‘Service Mode’, allowing your vehicle to be started and driven without the need for the PIN.
Uses the CAN Bus (Controller Area Network)
Using the CAN Data Bus means a low likelihood of your immobiliser being found as well as simple/reversible installation.

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